Saturday, November 01, 2008

From House to Home

What makes the space we live in a home? This question is worth answering if, as we believe, the wellbeing of each person begins in the home.

Study and research shows that a successful home influences the welfare of our society.

Personal well-being and improved quality of life – these are everyone’s goals, but where do we start?

According to anthropologists, sociologists, doctors, economists and educationalists, the answer lies in the home. What we eat, basic hygiene and health care, the quality of our home surroundings, our space and the way we use our time at home are all fundamental to our overall development and the fulfilment of our individual potential.

The purpose of the Home Renaissance Foundation is to bring about a change in public perception of the value of the work in the home and how profoundly it affects us. Our vision is to advance the recognition of the importance of high quality care provided in the home and its determining impact on achieving a balanced society. This can be brought about by encouraging research, promoting professional standards in all home skills, renewing the culture of the home and giving due recognition to its social value.

November 20th & 21st 2008
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre London

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